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  • Lifestyle Optimization in Bali for Chosen Experiences

    I am excited to let you know about my upcoming week with Chōsen experiences. Chōsen program is a curated travel and learning experience of fitness, adventure, nutrition and mindfulness that delivers transformative results and takes you to your next level. This program of physical and cognitive activities is designed by a group of life optimization experts: Olympic athletes, wellness doctors, strength and conditioning experts, and professional coaches. As one of… Read More

    Lifestyle Optimization in Bali for Chosen Experiences

  • The Science of Habit Formation

    I am incredibly hard on myself. I set lofty goals, and sometimes, I fall short.  I see this happen all the time, especially with former competitive athletes and "go getters".  I recently decided that at the age of 32 I wanted to run a sub 6 minute mile. The last time I did that was over 16 years ago, in 8th grade. Yup, I said one-six years ago.  In my… Read More

    The Science of Habit Formation

  • Your Brain Fog Solution

    I was listening to one of my mentors in the field of Neurology & Functional Medicine speak about brain health the other day and something he said completely blew me away. When degeneration occurs, it happens in degrees. Before you lose ALL ability to walk in a straight line, finish reading one paragraph or remember how to count backwards from 20 to 0, you lose the endurance to tackle these… Read More

    Your Brain Fog Solution

  • Lemon Detox Bars

    Why spend $3 on an energy bar when you can make 12 for the same price? Taking 10 minutes to prepare the recipe below will save you tons of money!  Lemon Detox Bars 2 cups coconut flakes 1 cup medjool dates, chopped 1/2 cup coconut butter 1/2 cup Brazil nuts 2 tbs flax seed, ground 1 tbs coconut oil 5-7 drops of Lemon essential oil 1 tablespoon Collagen Powder by… Read More

    Lemon Detox Bars

  • The Science of “Hangry”

    I always used to wonder why I would so easily get irritated or even angry when I was hungry. My friends used to say, “uh oh, Elisa’s ‘hangry’ again! Quick, get her food!” Another sign you are “hangry” is your inability to focus and make rational decisions. This is exactly what makes vending machines and Seamless so darn appealing: quick and easy, and usually sugary/carb heavy! Your brain runs primarily… Read More

    The Science of “Hangry”

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Book Elisa for your school, community or wellness event.  One of Elisa’s great passions is inspiring and empowering health seekers to move into the drivers seat of there health by adopting better eating and living habits.
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Blueprint Nutrition & Lifestyle Program

Culinary Farmacy with Elisa Haggarty from Elisa Haggarty on Vimeo. How often do you get a chance to consult with a certified health care professional who addresses your physical, emotional and spiritual needs? This 60-minute initial Blueprint Nutrition & Lifestyle Consultation will give you the clarity, resources and know how to change your health!  Reflect on [...]
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