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Wake up and ask the universe, "how can I serve?"
Wake up and ask the universe…“how can I serve?”

 Health IS Wealth, make no mistake about it.

 I left my “safe” job as a high school English teacher five years  ago because I knew deep down, I had a more important  message to bring to the world. I started and still maintain  my thriving health coaching practice, Culinary Farmacy, with  nothing more than a #noPlanB mentality and a fierce devotion t  to creating #impactsuccess.

 To me, impact success means that I am able to facilitate  powerful inner and outer transformation for my  clients, and, in return, they actually pay me to live my  dream. I am happy to say that I’ve helped countless people  reclaim their health, fall in love with wholesome delicious food,  and create a business and lifestyle I love.

 My struggle became my purpose

When I first graduated from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition I knew I was going to succeed, I just didn’t know how!

I wanted to more than provide for my family, but lived under the assumption I had to work longer and harder and be a slave to my computer in order to make that a reality.

I felt like I was drowning in a never ending “to do” list, barely able to come up for air, and to top it off, I didn’t feel comfortable owning my worth. I knew that I couldn’t build a successful business like this, so I took a leap of faith and invested in some serious business coaching, professional development courses, and set some clear goals to grow my company so that I could authentically help more people. I knew deep down that if I could help hundreds, even thousands of people, I would more than meet my business goals and live a life where taking a vacation offline wouldn’t send me into a frenzy.

“Shift Your Focus From Financial Success, to Impact Success” – Dale Partridge

When I first launched Culinary Farmacy, I wanted, not only, financial freedom (hint, it’s a mindset, not a number!), but location freedom, as well! I had just come off two years spent traveling around Southeast Asia and knew that I wanted a career where I could pick up and travel, while still making an impact through my passion.

But, how?

My turning point came when I realized that in order for me to show up and serve my clients with the mindfulness and expertise they deserved, I had to own my worth and create a business that worked for me, rather than one that ran me. I had to set boundaries, designate time away to recharge, and, more importantly, work smarter, not harder!

Let me save you some time here. Because this took me a while … Just because you are in the health care industry, doesn’t mean you can’t make an incredible living suited to meet your ideal lifestyle while creating powerful transformations within your clients. That’s right!

In fact, it is your birthright to live in alignment with your purpose AND have prosperity.

After all, how can you expect to be a thriving beacon of health for your clients if you can’t pay your bills and are hella stressed out? (you can’t!)

From that point on, I decided that in order to be successful and become a masterful coach, I would have to do the following:Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 12.11.14 AM

  1. Own My Worth
  2. Surround myself with people who were smarter than me and who had
    done what I wanted to do!
  3. Invest in my growth through masterminds, business coaching and
    ongoing professional development courses (Big shout-out to Andrea Nakayama, Marie Forleo, Dale Partridge and Kendra Thornbury!)
  4. Be Bold: You can’t receive it if you don’t ask for it! 

My “Why”

“Clarity equals power” – Marie Forleo

My mission is to help create lasting and powerful change in the lives of one million people (at least!) with authenticity and grace.

I am thrilled and honored to be able to hold space for purpose-driven health coaches like yourself who are hell-bent on creating a lifestyle by design and making impact success in your health coaching business. Believe me, if I can do it, so can you!

Becoming A Gamechanger

“When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful” – Eric Thomas

I always tell my business coaching clients that I will be their strongest advocate and confidant, but when push comes to shove, I’ll let them know where they are playing small too. I firmly believe everyone in this world needs a coach, which is why I am continually investing in the right mentors and coaches for my health and business alike. I realize that in order to own my worth, I must surround myself with people who will bring out the best in me. 

Both my VIP Mentoring programs and my “Health Is Wealth Mastermind” group coaching programs were created because of a real need: to help YOU step up the plate, own your worth and create #impactsuccess in your growing business.

I see two major issues in this world:

  1. The rate of chronic disease is sky rocketing AND those who are trying to live a healthier lifestyle, are confused by the constant barrage of quick fix programs and fad diets.
  2. Most holistic health coaches and entrepreneurs are held back by limiting beliefs and a lack of accountability/guidance on how to build a successful business that provides clarity and results. (I am here to change that…BOOYAH!)

My services are uniquely designed to help YOU create valuable content for your audience and create an incredibly authentic and successful business while doing it.

Who should apply?

My work is NOT for everyone. If you are here to learn some “6 figures in 6 weeks” scheme, this is not the program for you. I want to set YOU up for success and the only way to do that is to be crystal clear on how I am here to serve.

I am here to work tirelessly for purpose-driven health coaches/wellness entrepreneurs who:

  1. Are determined to get clear on their “why”
  2. Are ready to own their true value
  3. Want to be authentic in their marketing
  4. Will create a business that is founded on integrity and results, health coaching in a functional way!
  5. Are willing to grow mentally, physically, emotionally, which leads to biz growth!
  6. Want to be #gamechangers in the emerging field of health and wellness!


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Professional Bio for Elisa Haggarty

Elisa Haggarty is a Certified Integrative Health Coach and Sugar Expert turned impact success business coach for purpose driven wellness entrepreneurs. Elisa founded and still maintains Culinary Farmacy, which is a global nutrition-consulting program that has helped thousands of people in both private and group online coaching. Elisa founded and created The 22 Day Sugar Cleanse which has helped hundreds of people reframe their relationship to sugar for good. Elisa specializes in mindset mastery (what money blocks?), authentic marketing and creating leverage so your business fits into your ideal lifestyle. Elisa resides in Brooklyn, NY with her fiancé, Kat Hurley and their kitten, Boots. 



“As a teacher and a mentor of students learning to practice functional nutrition, it’s always a joy to see particular students excel and succeed. Elisa Haggarty definitely rises to the top of the list of these outstanding and prosperous practitioners. From the time I first met her, and she engaged in my training, she took a hands-on approach to doing the work and making change in the way we do healthcare. She built a quick following of clients and customers when she moved to New York and developed easy and fruitful partnerships with medical professionals. She’s approached each new endeavor on her journey to support others with their health with strategic confidence, learning just enough to get out there and learn more in the field (which I believe to be the best teacher we have). Elisa is a fantastic model of how we forge toward the future of a brighter future for healthcare and I’m thrilled that she’s now turned her attention to helping other practitioners make the same strides she has, taking what they’ve already learned and know, and putting it into action.”
Andrea Nakayama, CNC, CNE, CHHC


“Elisa brings a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to people seeking to reclaim their health.  As a health coach, she empowers her clients to make positive changes in their food and lifestyle offering unmatched support and accountability every step of the way. Elisa’s group cleanse programs and private coaching services are rich in cutting edge health information and game changing nutritional strategies.  As an educator, Elisa excels at delivering valuable information to her clients on a practical level.  I am inspired by her sharp business acumen, which affords her the opportunity to continually grow her service offerings and connect with prospective clients in impactful ways.”

Christine Okezie, CHHC and Wellness Expert


“The Health is Wealth Master Mind and Elisa have completely upped my game. I feel more confident in my ability to thrive in the health coaching industry and the support from the other members, the speakers, and Elisa is invaluable. In less than two months of this six month master mind, I have made huge leaps and bounds in my business. In these two short months Elisa has enabled me to feel fired up about moving forward and thinking bigger. The fact that I have built a bigger client-base and organized two well-attended, exciting nutrition focused events in these past two months is due to the HWMM. I have made the same amount of progress in these two months, that I had made in the previous year. Elisa has assisted me to become more clear on my message, my purpose, my brand, and what I uniquely bring to the table of health coaching. This clarity is priceless.

Thank you for what you’ve done and are doing for me and the world!”

Clara Wisner, Nutrition Therapist at Revolutionary Lifestyle


“The minute I tuned into the Elisa Haggarty’ webinar “6 Secrets to Build a Thriving Coaching Business”, I felt empowered. Elisa shared many strong keys to help entrepreneurs with gaining more confidence while creating a plan to reach more people with the gift of health. I took copious notes and felt very inspired as the webinar drew to a close. It was definitely worth my time and it will certainly be worth yours!”

Janelle Lynam

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