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Breathe LIFE Into Your Business!


Being an entrepreneur is a beautiful mess of victories and challenges. Each day we have to make conscious choices about what we need to keep cultivating in our business. Do we spend more time on social media? Write a business plan? Promote our work through workshops?

Sometimes it feels like we are drowning with a never ending “to do” list but as Dale Partridge would say, we aren’t task rabbits. 

If you need a reboot and are yearning to breathing life into your current business, check out my top 5 tips below. 

1) Purpose: Ideas are great and money is nice. Both are fleeting. If we are zeroed in on our purpose, clearly and consistently our actions change dramatically. We go from being scattered to being productivity machines.

“If you know the why, you live with any how” Friedrich Nietzsche

2) Community: Don’t try to build an empire alone. Humans simply don’t accomplish incredible feats by themselves. Make sure you surround yourself with people who have done what you want.

“Community is the guru of the future” Thich Nhat Hanh

3) Be compelling: Being compelling comes down to being a great storyteller. Being a storyteller boils down to being in tune with your story and
Build a brand around your story.

“It’s one thing to be passionate, it’s another to be compelling” Terri Trespecio

4) Consistency: Providing valuable and free content on a consistent basis is the #1 way to build trust. Guess what, if people don’t trust you, they won’t enroll in your programs or work with you.

“Show up, every damn day. This world needs your voice.” Elisa Haggarty

5) Service: This tip comes back to your why. Being all about service helps you remember why you do this work and keeps integrity at the core of your decisions. We aren’t here to become rich, we are here though to cultivate great relationships and improve our respective communities.

“We are rich beyond measure when we count the right way” Kat Hurley

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