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Forget Your Niche, Establish Your Lens

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One of the biggest myths that holds practitioners back from taking action in creating a business is that they believe they need a “niche” from the beginning to be successful. 

I know I was taught very early on in nutrition school to become expert at one condition or topic and build my practice that way. It felt wrong from the beginning, and frankly frustrated me. 

Luckily, I invested in some great business coaching early on in my career and realized that what I’d become known for must come from a place of authentic struggle and also must be HOW I practiced. 

I recently did a free webinar on this very topic and it was one of my most energetic and information packed classes ever. 

I learned that what would set me apart from other practitioners depending on the follow aspects:

  1. My voice, my story is unique and this is what will help draw people to my work
  2. My lens is the way I see diseases/health begin, it is NOT condition specific but rather HOW I practice

You can register for the webinar below by clicking here! 

To hear a clip of the interview, see below.

How can your story help influence others to take action?

What helps set you about from others in your field? 

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