Health is Wealth Mastermind

  • Module 1: Mindset Mastery

    Mastering your mindset is pivotal to any successful business. Together we tackle the secrets that the most successful health guru’s and entrepreneurs live and die by. We recognize and rewire limiting beliefs around money, self worth and career.

    "All the best things I did at Apple came from a) not having any money, and b) not having done it before, ever."
    Steve Wozniak
  • Module 2: Authenticity & Branding

    There is no other voice like yours on the planet. In this group coaching program you will be empowered to identify and embrace your authentic self in order to realize your full potential. Together we will be diving deep into the art of becoming a powerful storyteller and master learning how to embrace the “wisdom from your wounds” in order to reach your audience in the most profound way.

    "Brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships, that, taken together, account for a consumers decision to choose one product or service over another…"
    Seth Godin
  • Module 3: Content

    Learn how to create consistent and relevant content for your unique target market. The quality and consistency of content creation will be the lifeblood of your successful business.
    "Content isn't king, usefulness is"
    Dale Partridge
  • Module 4: Systems

    Learn how to create multiple streams of income and package your brilliance. We’ll review how to automate your services and create leverage in your business so that when you’re not working, your business is working for you!
    "Shift your thinking from financial success, to impact success"
    Dale Partridge
  • Module 5: Tribe

    Your vibe attracts your tribe! Community is the most important aspect of an individual’s success. Surrounding yourself with positive and bold mentors/peers will help drive you to success and keep you in alignment with your goals. This group coaching program will surround you with many gamechangers and motivated entrepreneurs! This module is also about creating powerful joint ventures with other health professionals to broaden your reach and develop incredible relationships that encourage growth.

    "Surround yourself with only the people who are going to lift you higher."
  • Module 6: Service

    A successful business is dependent upon your ability to serve the world in the most genuine and effective manner. Service and giving are the cornerstones of prosperity. Together we will get clear on your “why,” and empower you to see the benefit of showing up to serve every damn day! This module reinforces the art of coaching and establishing boundaries within client customer service.

    "We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give."
    Sir Winston Churchill

Your 6 Month Course Includes

  • phone

    6 One-Hour Coaching Calls

    These webinars will be a great way for you to connect with Elisa and get clear on what is most important when building/maintaining a successful health coaching business. You’ll be able to download, save and listen to these calls for life. You’ll also be able to ask questions at the end of each call!
  • curriculum

    6 Curriculum Guides

    Incredible PDF’s designed to help you create your ideal business, get clear on your purpose and target market while helping you take purposeful action steps forward. You'll receive checklists, action steps and proven formulas that enhance each module's focus points.
  • packets

    Resource Packets

    Get all of the top tips, websites, podcasts and book recommendations in one easy document. Don’t waste your time scanning the internet for the most relevant resources, Elisa has brought them all together for YOU!
  • facebook

    Private Facebook Group

    Elisa will be monitoring daily and weekly group discussing based off the content for each module. You will be able to share your ideas, questions and celebrations in this private group. Community building and networking is where potential meets results!
  • video

    Video Hub

    Elisa will be uploading her secret and most inspirational videos just for you. Videos will be motivational, inspirational and help you get laser focused on what actions steps you need to take for your business.
  • mastermind

    Mastermind Educators

    Learn from those who have built very successful health coaching practices and get their top tips for fast tracking your way to success. Masterminds are where inner transformation happens and your highest potential is realized.

The Mastermind begins January 1st 2016 and registration closes February 30th.

If you want a complimentary clarity session with Elisa to see if this program is right for you, enter your information below.

Mastermind Educators

  • unnamed

    Rene Syler

    TV personality, Author of Good Enough Mother
    Interview for Module 1: Mindset Mastery
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    Lindsey Smith

    The Food Mood Girl, Health & Wellness Coach, Author
    Interview for Module 2: Authenticity
  • unnamed (2)

    Christine Okezie

    CHHC, Author of "The NO Diet" Cookbook and Chef
    Interview for Module 3: Creating Valuable Content
  • unnamed (3)

    Terri Trespicio

    Brand Strategist & Writer
    Interview for Module 4: Systems: Creating Online Courses
  • andrean

    Andrea Nakayama

    Functional Nutritionist, and Founder of Replenish PDX and Holistic Nutrition Lab
    Interview for Module 5: Tribe
  • unnamed (4)

    Megan Liebman

    CHHC & Functional Nutritionist
    Interview for Module 6: Service & Giving

Join the Health is Wealth Mastermind and receive direct access to 6+ hours of invaluable interviews from the world’s top Health & Business Educators!

Value: $500

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  • Basic Group Membership

    • 6 LIVE Group Coaching Calls, Q & A with Elisa
    • Course Curriculum: Module PDF’s and hand outs
    • Access to Video hub
    • Private Facebook membership page
    • Mastermind Educator Interviews: Rene Syler, Lindsey Smith, Christine Okezie, Terri Trespicio Andrea Nakayama, Megan Liebman
    • BONUS: One 20 minute clarity session with Elisa each module (invaluable!)
    Payment Plan: 6 payments of $199 Pay in Full: $950 (save $245)

  • Health is Wealth Mastermind

    • 6 LIVE Group Coaching Calls, Q & A
    • Course Curriculum: Module PDF’s and hand outs
    • Access to Video hub
    • Private Facebook membership page
    • Mastermind Educator Interviews: Rene Syler, Lindsey Smith, Christine Okezie, Terri Trespicio Andrea Nakayama, Megan Liebman
    • 1 Client 911 review to troubleshoot one of your tougher health coaching cases
    • Unlimited email access to Elisa (BOOYAH!)
    • 4 hours consultations with Elisa
    • Lifetime ACCESS to content as it evolves (PRICELESS!)
    • Start Up Package including Logo & Branding session with Ansley Fones
    Payment Plan: 3 payments of $1200 Pay in Full $3497 (save $103)

  • VIP Coaching with Elisa

    • 6 LIVE Group Coaching Calls, Q & A
    • Course Curriculum: Module PDF’s and hand outs
    • Access to Video hub
    • Private Facebook membership page
    • Mastermind Educator Interviews: Rene Syler, Lindsey Smith, Christine Okezie, Terri Trespicio Andrea Nakayama, Megan Liebman
    • 1 Client 911 review to troubleshoot one of your tougher health coaching cases
    • Unlimited email access to Elisa (BOOYAH!)
    • Lifetime ACCESS to content as it evolves (PRICELESS!)
    • Start Up Package including Logo & Branding session with Ansley Fones


    • 10 hours consultations with Elisa 
    • One 2 hour Virtual VIP day 
    • Typed session review notes from each consultation with focus points and deadlines for your business
    Price: $5497 (save $103) Payment Plan: 4 payments of $1400

What People Are Saying

patricia murphy pic

Focus. Direction. Confidence. Action.  These are what joining the HWMM and working with Elisa Haggarty have provided to me.  After six fast and furious months, the HWMM has given me incredible focus surrounding what I want to do, who I want to serve, and why.  I also have gained vital clarity on how I should proceed making it happen.  One the most valuable lessons I have learned is  to not get so bogged down in planning that you never get started.  The message is to put yourself put into the world and incredible things WILL happen!  Elisa’s Mastermind is well thought out, full of practical information and flows very well.  She is an accessible, supportive and interactive mentor.  Elisa genuinely wants people to find their place and thrive.  She is an effective, purpose-driven leader who expects you to do the work and inspires you to do so.  The Mastermind also provides the opportunity to learn directly from the best entrepreneurs and health advocates in the world, which is priceless!

If you feel there is more you can and should be doing, but aren’t sure how to get there, I highly recommend the HWMM.  I am now enjoying a vastly different mindset from the one I was in 6 months ago.  I went from being jumbled and unclear to feeling happily full of clarity and purpose.  I am confident I am well equipped to create the business and most importantly, the life I want for myself and my family! 

Patricia Murphy, Nutritionist


“As a teacher and a mentor of students learning to practice functional nutrition, it’s always a joy to see particular students excel and succeed. Elisa Haggarty definitely rises to the top of the list of these outstanding and prosperous practitioners. From the time I first met her, and she engaged in my training, she took a hands-on approach to doing the work and making change in the way we do healthcare. She built a quick following of clients and customers when she moved to New York and developed easy and fruitful partnerships with medical professionals. She’s approached each new endeavor on her journey to support others with their health with strategic confidence, learning just enough to get out there and learn more in the field (which I believe to be the best teacher we have). Elisa is a fantastic model of how we forge toward the future of a brighter future for healthcare and I’m thrilled that she’s now turned her attention to helping other practitioners make the same strides she has, taking what they’ve already learned and know, and putting it into action.”
Andrea Nakayama, CNC, CNE, CHHC


“The Health is Wealth Master Mind and Elisa have completely upped my game. I feel more confident in my ability to thrive in the health coaching industry and the support from the other members, the speakers, and Elisa is invaluable. In less than two months of this six month master mind, I have made huge leaps and bounds in my business. In these two short months Elisa has enabled me to feel fired up about moving forward and thinking bigger. The fact that I have built a bigger client-base and organized two well-attended, exciting nutrition focused events in these past two months is due to the HWMM. I have made the same amount of progress in these two months, that I had made in the previous year. Elisa has assisted me to become more clear on my message, my purpose, my brand, and what I uniquely bring to the table of health coaching. This clarity is priceless.

Thank you for what you’ve done and are doing for me and the world!”

Clara Wisner, Nutrition Therapist at Revolutionary Lifestyle


“Elisa is an amazing business coach. Her heart centeredness combined with first class business savvy, program design and non-judgmental nature create a winning combination. She creates impact in every aspect of her program and every interaction.

Her signature Health is Wealth Mastermind stands out because of her commitment to making the world a better place starting with you and your business. Working through the mindset components of being an entrepreneur is absolutely critical for success over the long run, yet absent from most coaching programs. Elisa is unique.

She nudges (and pushes, where appropriate) to help you catapult through the trivial and monster beliefs and issues keeping you from stepping into your higher good. While I’m only a few weeks into my work with Elisa, she’s already helped me bust through several major limiting beliefs around money, competition, worth, and purpose.

I encourage you to connect with Elisa for a free Clarity Session, you have everything to gain by doing so.”

Cynthia Farris, CHHC


“When I started working with Elisa for Business Development Coaching, I knew instinctively it was the right decision. From our first session I realized the value she brings to the table.  In helping me get clear on my “Why” she illustrated with examples, how to tell my story in a way that will connect with people.  In our second session she was already pushing me out of my comfort zone and into a space I hadn’t thought about going anytime soon.  She challenged me to host a workshop at my job around mindful eating practices and my homework assignment was to draft a flyer for marketing the workshop!  While nervous about the idea of public speaking and no background in marketing, Elisa has been there for me every step of the way. The value in having someone to bounce ideas off of, ask questions and receive great guidance is in itself, PRICELESS!

Chinyere Williams, CHHC

“Elisa’s webinar was chock full of useful and inspiring information. I had a few “aha” moments during the webinar that were invaluable to me as a person who wants to passionately and authentically start a nutrition therapy business. The first was during the point of the webinar that talked about the 3 biggest mistakes an entrepreneur can make. Elisa talked about how you don’t need to spend a lot of time and money on the small stuff like business cards, website domaine names, and technology at first. I find myself getting caught up and stressed out about this type of stuff all the time and I know it takes away from the actual work I could be doing. This advice created a turning point for me and inspired me to just DO IT! The other very important piece of information for me was when Elisa said, “Habits are stronger than fear.” This is something I know deeply as a person who wants to coach people through diet and lifestyle changes, but had not been thinking about in regards to myself as an entrepreneur. Just doing the work and starting to make healthy actions habits makes all the difference. Thanks to Elisa and her fantastic webinar I have a new found inspiration to just do what I can now and begin to find my unique voice in the health and wellness field. Thank you!”

Clara Wisner


“Elisa’s webinars are always an awesome experience! I enjoy listening to Elisa every chance I get because her genuine enthusiasm makes me feel like I’m making the right decision to carry out this work! Most importantly, Elisa makes it an unwavering point that we offer an invaluable service & change will only happen if we INITIATE ACTION and just BEGIN the journey because so many people need our help.  The energy she exudes is remarkable and the way she shifts your thinking is invaluable! She makes you feel like you can take over the world and impact it in a profound way.”

Brittany Ray


“Elisa brings a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to people seeking to reclaim their health.  As a health coach, she empowers her clients to make positive changes in their food and lifestyle offering unmatched support and accountability every step of the way. Elisa’s group cleanse programs and private coaching services are rich in cutting edge health information and game changing nutritional strategies.  As an educator, Elisa excels at delivering valuable information to her clients on a practical level.  I am inspired by her sharp business acumen, which affords her the opportunity to continually grow her service offerings and connect with prospective clients in impactful ways.”

Christine Okezie, CHHC and Wellness Expert


“Ever since hiring Elisa as my business coach, I can’t even describe the positive changes that have taken place with me and my health coaching practice.  For a long time, I was letting fear get in my way: fear of failure, of stepping out of my comfort zone, of taking that leap to the next level with my business.  But from day 1, Elisa helped to instill a new sense of confidence; inspired me to make a mindset shift necessary for attracting new clients and growing as a professional.  With every coaching call, I become more aware of just how talented she is, not only as a health coach herself, but also as a motivator and educator for others.  Just knowing she is there to listen, help me problem solve, and bounce ideas back and forth has impacted my business in a big way!”

Sara Seward, CHHC

“As a wellness coach and chef, I look to certain mentors for advice and guidance when I get stuck, and Elisa is hands down my first phone call!  She has an incredible amount of knowledge about nutrition and food, how food affects our bodies physically and emotionally, and how to work within challenging situations with clients.  I value and trust her guidance.  She also has such a positive attitude that she is very inspiring to be around.”

Carol Galanty

Frequently Asked Questions

Who would benefit from this group-coaching program?

Certified Holistic Health Coaches, Nutritionists and Wellness Experts who need expert guidance, accountability and incredible resources to get their vision out into the world. This program is a perfect fit for anyone new to the health coaching industry or for those who feel “stuck” with lack luster results and are looking to rebrand their services.

What is the value in having your own business coach and mentor?

It is priceless. I believe in always surrounding yourself with people who bring incredible value, and who have done what you want to do. You don’t have to do this work alone (and you shouldn’t have to!). Mentors and coaches can help bring out the best in you while helping you create leverage so you can help more people without being burnt out.

Is this program right for me if I haven’t graduated from my nutrition institution?

Yes! Application is necessary for growth, so whether you are still in school or are taking on going professional development classes (who isn’t?!), this group coaching program is designed to help empower you to get clear on your ideal business and begin taking action.

If I join at the basic level, can I upgrade?

Yes, you’ll just pay the difference and have to take advantage of the new perks in a timely fashion.

What if I am really busy one month and can’t listen to the group coaching calls?

No problem! The beauty of this course is that everything is recorded and saved to your classroom page. All PDF’s, videos and audio classes can be downloaded to your computer so you can have the content for life.

What does it mean to have lifetime access?

For those who join the “Health is Wealth Mastermind” level or VIP level, it means that every time new handouts, PDF’s videos are uploaded, you’ll have access to them. Yay!

Who is this course not for?

Any of Elisa’s programs are designed specifically for those who are 100% committed to building a successful health coaching or wellness business. Space is limited and each application will be carefully reviewed to ensure this course is right for you and that you will be a valuable member of the mastermind.

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes, within the first 30 days of the program you have the option to cancel your membership and receive a full refund. Cancellations mean that you won’t be able to access the membership site or be a member of the private Facebook forum.

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A portion of your membership will go towards funding Camp Bravehearts, a non profit (for purpose!) weekend get aways for women fighting cancer.

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