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“When I started working with Elisa for Business Development Coaching, I knew instinctively it was the right decision. From our first session I realized the value she brings to the table.  In helping me get clear on my “Why” she illustrated with examples, how to tell my story in a way that will connect with people.  In our second session she was already pushing me out of my comfort zone and into a space I hadn’t thought about going anytime soon.  She challenged me to host a workshop at my job around mindful eating practices and my homework assignment was to draft a flyer for marketing the workshop!  While nervous about the idea of public speaking and no background in marketing, Elisa has been there for me every step of the way. The value in having someone to bounce ideas off of, ask questions and receive great guidance is in itself, PRICELESS!

Chinyere Williams, CHHC

“Elisa’s webinar was chock full of useful and inspiring information. I had a few “aha” moments during the webinar that were invaluable to me as a person who wants to passionately and authentically start a nutrition therapy business. The first was during the point of the webinar that talked about the 3 biggest mistakes an entrepreneur can make. Elisa talked about how you don’t need to spend a lot of time and money on the small stuff like business cards, website domaine names, and technology at first. I find myself getting caught up and stressed out about this type of stuff all the time and I know it takes away from the actual work I could be doing. This advice created a turning point for me and inspired me to just DO IT! The other very important piece of information for me was when Elisa said, “Habits are stronger than fear.” This is something I know deeply as a person who wants to coach people through diet and lifestyle changes, but had not been thinking about in regards to myself as an entrepreneur. Just doing the work and starting to make healthy actions habits makes all the difference. Thanks to Elisa and her fantastic webinar I have a new found inspiration to just do what I can now and begin to find my unique voice in the health and wellness field. Thank you!”

Clara Wisner


“Elisa’s webinars are always an awesome experience! I enjoy listening to Elisa every chance I get because her genuine enthusiasm makes me feel like I’m making the right decision to carry out this work! Most importantly, Elisa makes it an unwavering point that we offer an invaluable service & change will only happen if we INITIATE ACTION and just BEGIN the journey because so many people need our help.  The energy she exudes is remarkable and the way she shifts your thinking is invaluable! She makes you feel like you can take over the world and impact it in a profound way.”

Brittany Ray


“Elisa brings a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to people seeking to reclaim their health.  As a health coach, she empowers her clients to make positive changes in their food and lifestyle offering unmatched support and accountability every step of the way. Elisa’s group cleanse programs and private coaching services are rich in cutting edge health information and game changing nutritional strategies.  As an educator, Elisa excels at delivering valuable information to her clients on a practical level.  I am inspired by her sharp business acumen, which affords her the opportunity to continually grow her service offerings and connect with prospective clients in impactful ways.”

Christine Okezie, CHHC and Wellness Expert

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