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Leadership Tips from Dale Partridge

One of my business mentors, Dale Partridge. Dale is a serial entrepreneur, founder of Start Up Camp and author of "People over Profit"

Leaders must develop thick skin. I did some business mentorship with Dale Partridge last year and Dale blew my mind with his bold and authentic style of leadership. 

Dale appeared as a Mastermind Educator for my 6 month Health is Wealth Mastermind for purpose driven wellness entrepreneurs and I wanted to highlight some of his tips on leadership for you.

Dale’s Tips on Leadership

  • Leaders act differently
  • An influential voice is hard to have if you don’t have an opinion
  • We have to remember that being liked isn’t the goal, it’s being influential
  • The books you read and people you follow will help determine your future
  • Voice your opinions with confidence 
  • When you can put words to people’s emotions, you really knock it out of the park
  • You can be respected, but you don’t have to be liked
  • Be clear on what you debate for, divide about and what to die for. Be careful, don’t die for something you should just debate about. 

Click below to view a snippet of the interview. To gain access to the entire recording, register for the Health is Wealth Mastermind today. 

Thank you for tuning into my interview with Dale Partridge and if you want to get clarity on your business branding and direction, click here to schedule a free 20 minute clarity call with me. 

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