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Own Your Worth: Master the Art of Enrolling New Clients

Own Your Worth:
Master the Art of Enrolling New Clients

for Health Coaches/Wellness Entrepreneurs

with Elisa Haggarty 

Own Your Worth

Does enrolling new clients make you nervous; jumble your words and leave you feeling ill equipped to make the impact you know you are meant to make?

If you are ready to master the art of enrolling your ideal clients,
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Own Your Worth

This FREE online training will teach you:

  • How to gain incredible confidence in the service you bring to the world
  • Why everyone wins when you confidently sit in the seat of listener and educator 
  • My top 3 tips for being ready to show up fully for each enrollment session
  • The 5 most important questions you must ask each new client 
  • How to have clients begging you to get started by the end of each consultation

If you are fed up with not having enough ideal clients and are struggling to make Health/Nutrition consulting your full time job, then click below to join this FREE ONLINE TRAINING! 

Own Your Worth

“If you can define the problem better than your target customer, they will automatically assume you have the solution” Jay Abraham


“Elisa brings a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to people seeking to reclaim their health.  As a health coach, she empowers her clients to make positive changes in their food and lifestyle offering unmatched support and accountability every step of the way. Elisa’s group cleanse programs and private coaching services are rich in cutting edge health information and game changing nutritional strategies.  As an educator, Elisa excels at delivering valuable information to her clients on a practical level.  I am inspired by her sharp business acumen, which affords her the opportunity to continually grow her service offerings and connect with prospective clients in impactful ways.”

Christine Okezie, CHHC and Wellness Expert


“As a wellness coach and chef, I look to certain mentors for advice and guidance when I get stuck, and Elisa is hands down my first phone call!  She has an incredible amount of knowledge about nutrition and food, how food affects our bodies physically and emotionally, and how to work within challenging situations with clients.  I value and trust her guidance.  She also has such a positive attitude that she is very inspiring to be around.”

Carol Galanty

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