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Taking The Leap


I’m getting married this week and I’m not going to lie, I’m nervous. 

Marriage is kinda a big deal and although Kat and I have been together for 7 years, there is still a sense of “oh my goodness, this is it!”. 

It’s natural I hear but that doesn’t change the emotional roller-coaster that this commitment has brought on. 

On Saturday I’ll be taking the leap into the unknown and will commit to a woman who I’ve grown to love and adore. 

Commitment is deeply liberating, read more on this subject by clicking here. 

I’ve realized that trusting the journey is all that I need to calm my nerves. I deeply trust this is where I’m meant to be in my life and this is the woman who I’m meant to love. 

When you trust, everything dissolves. I don’t have life planned out, I don’t even really have a strict 5 year plan for business or personal life (shocking but true). 

I trust that each day will bring its share of blessings and opportunities for growth, and I’m honored to have my lady at my side. 



Where can you take the leap in your business or personal life?


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