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The Power of Vulnerability


I want to share 2 short but sweet stories about how vulnerability leads to great connection today. 

I was sitting at Madison Square Garden last night watching UCONN vs. Maryland women’s basketball with some friends when the topic of vulnerability came up.

My friend just started a new relationship with someone she cares about deeply but just couldn’t express it the way her girlfriend wanted.

She was clearly frustrated because she realized that her conservative way of being in relationships wasn’t going to work. I asked her, “what are you protecting? Why not just let her know how you feel?” 

She said, “that is scary”.

The next day I emailed her a bunch of Ted talks by vulnerability expert, Dr. Brene Brown. 

Truthfully, I could always tell my friend was pretty surface level. She never really reached out to me and I had always accepted our friendship to just be as it was. In that moment though at Madison Square Garden, I realized that perhaps no one in her life had ever asked the right questions or provided resources on the beauty of being seen, and how vulnerability can deepen relationships. 

My friend took a leap of faith by voicing her concern and in return has the chance to deepen our friendship by opening up more and improve things with her newly found girlfriend. Double win! 

My second story about vulnerability is a financial one.

Today, I invested $2000 today for professional development! Gasp, I know, that is a lot of dollars. 

I was selected to join the inaugural class for Andrea Nakayama’s Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Practitioner Certification Program, which is incredible for a host of reasons. 

Andrea is also one of the Mastermind Educators for the Health is Wealth Mastermind in 2016! 


Spending money can always feel vulnerable but what is promised by investing in this course is, connection.

Working from home has its perks, but it also gets lonely and entrepreneurs (especially me!) thrive off some level of guidance and mentorship.

So, there you have it. Vulnerability can happen at Madison Square Garden or through a financial decision.

If we embrace being vulnerable, it mostly always leads to more connection which is ultimately what everyone on the planet is looking for. 

  • Connection brings opportunities for growth. 
  • Connection facilities networking and joint ventures.
  • Connection is the pathway to making an impact, financially and personally. 
Vulnerability is the impetus for connection.

Be vulnerable today, do something that scares the heck out of you or makes you dance around the living room.

As you know by now, the Health is Wealth Mastermind begins this week and I still have seats available in each of the 3 membership levels. 


Join the tribe for as low as $4.75 a day and bust into 2016 with a community and framework to start making an impact in your community! 

If you need to talk it out, see if this program is right for you, I 100% support making a conscious decision. Click here to schedule your free 20 minute clarity sessions! 

Vulnerable yours,


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