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My Tool Box

Top Resources for Health Coaches/Entrepreneurs 

Professional Development Courses 

Holistic Nutrition Lab’s Digestive Intensive and Full Body Systems: Andrea is a masterful practitioner, nutrition expert and is changing the face of health care as we know it. I’ve taken both the Digestive Intensive and Full Body Systems and they set me up to be wildly successful with my clients and online courses. 








Tools for Teaching Toxicity with Lara Adler: I’ve worked with Lara before, and no one comes close to providing better resources, information and helping connect the dots between environmental chemicals and our health. As scientific as it all can get, Lara brings you back to application and provides you with everything you need to change your clients health. 

Webinars/Podcasts is where I host mostly all of my webinars and conferences. It’s super easy to use, and the customer service is great! Try it out free for 21 days!




Entrepreneur on Fire with John Lee Dumas: John Lee Dumas is the MAN when it comes to turning your voice/passion into a profitable online course. I’ve personally taken his webinar course, and he is literally on fire with his material and content! Check it out below.








Marketing & Web Design

Monkedia: Social Media Advertising 

Ansley Fones: I’ve been working with Ansley for over a year now and she has helped build/improve both my websites. Ansley is easy to work with, super creative and has helped bring my vision into this world. If you need web design, logos or social media branding, Ansley is your girl! 


Intuit: I love intuit because it does all the calculating and tax preparation for me! Super easy and worth adding to your business. 


Yes, if you want to be a successful health coach/wellness entrepreneur, you must be able to walk the walk. My 22 Day Sugar Cleanse helps you reframe your relationship to food, lower stress and help you feel incredible in your body again. 



Work with Elisa to build your dream business! For more information on my mentorship program, please click here. 

Kat Hurley: Life Your Dream Life Coach: I may be partial because Kat Hurley is my wife, but honestly, if you are looking for an incredible coach who will bring out the best in you, look no further. Kat specializes in shifting negative beliefs and empowering you to life in alignment with your goals. 




Top Books to Read

People over Profit by Dale Partridge

Living with Intent by Mallika Chopra

The Willpower Instinct by Kelly McGonigal 

All Marketers are Liars by Seth Godin


Note: Some of these links are affiliate links which means should you sign up and mention my name as your referral, I would receive some kind of commission. I ONLY advocate for courses and practitioners that I’ve worked with and who I firmly believe in. Some of these recommendations aren’t referral based, I just think they will be an incredible addition to your growing business! 

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