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Work With Me

Empowering health coaches/wellness entrepreneurs to step up the plate and bring their message to the world! 

What I do

Together, we will get crystal clear on what your vision is for changing this world, and what your driving purpose is. You don’t have to build a business by yourself, and to be honest, you shouldn’t. 

I specialize in:

  • Mindset Mastery: Helping you blast through limiting beliefs and build a rock solid foundation for being a successful practitioner and entrepreneur. 
  • Branding & Marketing: I believe branding and marketing are the perfect blend of bringing your souls most authentic voice and storytelling ability to the world. Marketing isn’t sleazy, and it should be a reflection of your passions, experiences and of the value you bring to the world.  
  • Website Design: I’ve has always had a eye for the visual, and its incredibly passionate about helping you first determine your services, create a website map and ensure you have the proper team around you to create an incredible valuable and beautiful website. Meet Elisa’s web designer, Ansley Fones! 
  • Accountability: EVERYONE benefits from accountability, and I thrive off making sure you are taking purposeful steps towards your professional goals by providing focus points and a “no non-sense” approach to coaching. 
  • Systems: To avoid burn out and reach millions of people, you must create a business that has leverage and helps a variety of people in your target market. 
  • The Art of Health Coaching: You will learn the art of how to be a health coach, which is priceless! Together I will help you to make practical and yet powerful changes for your clients, so they gain momentum towards their health goals. Knowledge is great, but application reigns supreme. Learn how to meet clients where they are, set them up for success and become a masterful coach.

My services

1) Business Breakthrough Coaching Session: a One on One Skype Call with Elisa, $400

This hour is designed to bring your authentic voice and vision to the forefront. Together, we will trouble shoot your “roadblocks” and areas of improvement for your business. This is great for those who are interested in building a full time health coaching/wellness company but aren’t certain where to begin.  You will receive Elisa’s undivided attention, insight and will receive review notes/suggestions via email post consultation. 

BONUS: This consultation will be recorded so you can re-listen at any time! 

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Let’s do this!

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“Your vocation in life comes from where your greatest joy meets the worlds greatest need” Frederick Buechner


2) Health is Wealth Membership (3 different levels) 

The Health is Wealth Membership helps purpose driven health entrepreneurs get their message out to the world in an authentic and purposeful way. This comprehensive 6 month course provides hours of webinars with hand selected mastermind educators, jam-packed course curriculum guides, and the chance to work with Elisa privately. 

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3) Private Mentorship for Health Coaches with Elisa

In this comprehensive coaching package, you get all the content for the “Health is Wealth Mastermind” PLUS over 12 hours of one on one time with me!  This is the ultimate program for someone serious about building a game changing health coaching/wellness business. Click below to learn more! 

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4) FREE 20 minute laser coaching session

Not sure where to begin and want to make sure you are a good fit for my work? No problem! Complete the form below and we will schedule your FREE laser coaching session and get crystal clear on what steps you need to take for your business and vision to come into fruition! 


“As a teacher and a mentor of students learning to practice functional nutrition, it’s always a joy to see particular students excel and succeed. Elisa Haggarty definitely rises to the top of the list of these outstanding and prosperous practitioners. From the time I first met her, and she engaged in my training, she took a hands-on approach to doing the work and making change in the way we do healthcare. She built a quick following of clients and customers when she moved to New York and developed easy and fruitful partnerships with medical professionals. She’s approached each new endeavor on her journey to support others with their health with strategic confidence, learning just enough to get out there and learn more in the field (which I believe to be the best teacher we have). Elisa is a fantastic model of how we forge toward the future of a brighter future for healthcare and I’m thrilled that she’s now turned her attention to helping other practitioners make the same strides she has, taking what they’ve already learned and know, and putting it into action.”
Andrea Nakayama, CNC, CNE, CHHC


“When I started working with Elisa for Business Development Coaching, I knew instinctively it was the right decision. From our first session I realized the value she brings to the table.  In helping me get clear on my “Why” she illustrated with examples, how to tell my story in a way that will connect with people.  In our second session she was already pushing me out of my comfort zone and into a space I hadn’t thought about going anytime soon.  She challenged me to host a workshop at my job around mindful eating practices and my homework assignment was to draft a flyer for marketing the workshop!  While nervous about the idea of public speaking and no background in marketing, Elisa has been there for me every step of the way. The value in having someone to bounce ideas off of, ask questions and receive great guidance is in itself, PRICELESS!

Chinyere Williams, CHHC

“The Health is Wealth Master Mind and Elisa have completely upped my game. I feel more confident in my ability to thrive in the health coaching industry and the support from the other members, the speakers, and Elisa is invaluable. In less than two months of this six month master mind, I have made huge leaps and bounds in my business. In these two short months Elisa has enabled me to feel fired up about moving forward and thinking bigger. The fact that I have built a bigger client-base and organized two well-attended, exciting nutrition focused events in these past two months is due to the HWMM. I have made the same amount of progress in these two months, that I had made in the previous year. Elisa has assisted me to become more clear on my message, my purpose, my brand, and what I uniquely bring to the table of health coaching. This clarity is priceless.

Thank you for what you’ve done and are doing for me and the world!”

Clara Wisner, Nutrition Therapist at Revolutionary Lifestyle


“Elisa is an amazing business coach. Her heart centeredness combined with first class business savvy, program design and non-judgmental nature create a winning combination. She creates impact in every aspect of her program and every interaction.

Her signature Health is Wealth Mastermind stands out because of her commitment to making the world a better place starting with you and your business. Working through the mindset components of being an entrepreneur is absolutely critical for success over the long run, yet absent from most coaching programs. Elisa is unique.

She nudges (and pushes, where appropriate) to help you catapult through the trivial and monster beliefs and issues keeping you from stepping into your higher good. While I’m only a few weeks into my work with Elisa, she’s already helped me bust through several major limiting beliefs around money, competition, worth, and purpose.

I encourage you to connect with Elisa for a free Clarity Session, you have everything to gain by doing so.”

Cynthia Farris, CHHC

20 minute clarity coaching session

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